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Capvond Composites Project

Scotland's best individual new build at The Herald Property awards

Designed by McInnes Gardner and build by Alan Leckie Builders, Capvond Composites were delighted to be involved in the construction of this award winning house.

The remit from McInnes Gardner was to create panels that would replicate distressed concrete, that would be durable, detailed, and could be bonded to the structure of the build. With this task in hand, it was evident that traditional GRP would not be the material which could provide the random detail and the bonded fixing required.

Therefore, here at Capvond Composites we used our new GCR system (green cast resin), providing a solid unit with ability to manufacture the random detailing found in cast concrete. The mouldings were used both internally and externally throughout the house, and was one of the main design features in the build.

This product is also used in the production of our lightweight solid sills, mullions and copes supplied to house builders since 2011.

The flexibility of the uses for this product, have provided a material three times stronger than standard cast concrete, at a third of the weight. Fully cured prior to delivery there is no risk of damage currently accepted as a norm with concrete products, and in most cases can be handled by one man, thus reducing costs, and increasing the lifespan of the product and the house itself.

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