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Capvond Project

Capvond's roof refurbishment of the Co-op building in Glasgow

Built in the late 19th century, the Co-op building in the Tradeston area of Glasgow is one of the most iconic buildings in the city. Located next to the river Clyde, it looks over the city from the south.

The Glasgow Roofing Company Ltd were commissioned to restore the entire roof of the building, including statues and dormers to the standards required of a grade A listed building in a £3m project.

Slate was selected to replicate the same slate originally used over 100 years ago, the statue of "the Lady" an almost identical replica of the statue of liberty was refurbished, and Capvond were asked to undertake the production of 24 composite dormers identical to the original.

Two existing dormers were selected and restored, in order to create moulds to manufacture the new dormers. Colours were matched to the original ones used, and using Capvond's casting system, detailed mouldings were created to replicate the features on the dormers, which could not be moulded from the composite moulds used to manufacture the main formwork of the dormers.

Lightweight and easy to fit, using a pre-moulded fixing and gutter system introduced as part of the completed moulding, the dormers now look over the Kingston Bridge and the City of Glasgow and are seen by tens of thousands of motorists every day.

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