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Capvond Project

Capvond's supply of chimneys and copes for McCarthy & Stone's new Anstruther development

McCarthy & Stone PLC, the largest provider of quality assisted living in the UK, have an wide variety of building designs in their portfolio. Capvond were asked to help with the supply of chimneys and copes for their new Anstruther development designed with traditional features, to blend in with the surrounding coastal town.

Using the modern building method incorporating a timber kit reduced build time by months, however this modern system also creates challenges, particularly the relationship between the outer rendered blockwork skin of building and the settlement of the timber frame. Lightweight alternatives for the chimneys and copes were required, not only to create aesthetic features for the roof, but also to efficiently cap and seal the gable walls. The use of traditional stone or cast concrete products could not be considered due to their weight, but also their ability to be safely fixed and still allow for the movement during settlement of the timber kit.

Complete false chimney systems were designed in GRP to allow for the movement. These are fitted to the kit, but encompass the gable wall, creating an instant seal once fitted it is not affected during settlement. Copes and stone features on the chimneys were created using a composite hybrid utilizing the techniques used in our GRP mouldings systems and our polyester casting systems.

Copes for the gable and partition walls for the project were manufactured using our Green Cast Resin system. Developed to replicate the variety of colours in traditional stone using recycled and sustainable materials within the composite, the copes were supplied in 800mm lengths and mechanically fitted to the build. "Crow's feet" and corbels were supplied to complete the cope design.

Cost effective and substantially quicker to fit than traditional materials Capvond GCR copes have a higher impact strength than cast concrete and a fraction of the weight. A health and safety report from the site stated the following:

"Light weight GCR coping stones reducing manual handling. Weight circa 5-10kg as opposed to traditional stone circa 50-60kg. Reduction also in RCS (silica dust) health hazard.

Capvond's cast resin products not only address the health and safety concerns over safe lifting weights, they also reduce the carbon footprint of the site by reducing the need for mechanical machinery for lifting, and with no requirement for mortar, a cleaner more environmentally friendly method of fixing".

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