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Natural Ventilation

Over the last few years there has been a growing demand from the construction industry, builders, architects and designers for more environmentally friendly and effective natural ventilation for commercial buildings.

These demands have resulted in various options being made available, with Natural Ventilation emerging as the most ecologically aware solution as it offers the best opportunity to recycle air in the most efficient way to provide high levels of fresh, clean air - with much lower levels of general daily contamination.

First known as wind towers, this idea originates 2000 years ago and today they are being used successfully to help reduce the 'carbon footprint'.

Natural Ventilation is a system, mainly roof mounted, that allows the capture of prevailing winds from any direction and general air movement, and transferring this through its air management system. This air is then carried to the internal rooms of the building below. The quality of the air at roof level is much higher bringing a fresher and cleaner ventilation option to the building.

The option of Natural Ventilation enables this system to be a successful partner in the provision of a 'green' option and alternative to other ventilation methods. Natural ventilation, to any company in our current climate, must be seriously and critically considered.

Capvond support the reduction of the 'carbon footprint' and can design Natural Ventilation around individual customer's needs. Complete systems can be supplied from roof level to ceiling level that would incorporate all components required (a turnkey alternative is also available where specialised contractors can be used if necessary).

Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you use this exciting technology - 0141 876 9000.

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